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The Fantastic 4 - QuadroHEMiA

This was the first QuadroHEMiA event. It was a collaboration between Wolfshead WMA in Lincoln, KDF Nottingham, The Exiles group in Sheffield and the York School of Defence and primarily centered around the 3 nations associated with longsword (English, German and Italian) with some smaller weapons also featured. It was a fantastic opportunity for several groups to get to know each other.


QuadroHEMiA 2

The second QuadroHEMiA event was a continuation of the collaboration between the 4 clubs but with instructors brought in from sister branches and a special guest from what is now the Saltaire Academy of the Sword. This event featured unarmed disciplines along with poleaxe and montante.

QuadroHEMiA 2.5: Sabre Shenanigans

This was an interesting little mini event with the focus being on British military sabre taught by fantastic instructors Sue Kirk and David Rudd. Sue also presented session dealing with Indian clubs which was a refreshing way to start the day!


QuadroHEMiA 3: Exiles XXV

In 2017 The Exiles celebrated their 25th anniversary. They held several events over the course of the year and the first was QuadroHEMiA 3 which Wolfshead WMA hosted. The event's theme was simple: Fiore dei Liberi! Workshops included grappling, longsword, staff and a few concept sessions.

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