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"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog"

-Mark Twain

Wolfshead Western Martial Arts is a Historical European Martial Arts Club based in Lincoln, United Kingdom.

Founded in 2009 we have grown from being what was effectively a small study group to a reasonably sized club of like minded individuals.

Our primary discipline is longsword although we have also dabbled in tomahawk and knife, quarterstaff and British military sabre- among others.

We have also run events under two separate brands: QuadroHEMiA (largely workshop based events) and Wolf Call (tournament events).

Our fantastic instructors are always happy to receive new initiates so have a look around our site and see what we do. Perhaps we could be seeing you soon!

We run 3 sessions a week, all at the Strike-Zone dojo. The sessions are as follows:

Beginners Class - Mondays 19:30-21:00

Intermediate Class - Wednesdays 18:30-20:00

Advanced Class - Wednesdays 19:30-21:00

First session is free and we would appreciate if you let us know your intention to attend beforehand.


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