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Nigel Potts

Nigel is the current Chief Instructor and Head of the School. He was one of the original students and over the years has risen to his current position.

As an instructor, Nigel primarily teaches longsword and quarterstaff but also has experience in British military sabre, tomahawk and knife and backsword. He has presented workshops at various BFHS, QuadroHEMiA, The Art That Adorns You and Empower 24 Hour Challenge events.

He is arguably the most accomplished fighter in the school and has competed in numerous tournaments in longsword, sabre and backsword. He has won a total of 15 medals (including 9 Gold) at various events including BFHS Exchanges, SWASH and QuadroHEMiA.

Away from the HEMA battlefields Nigel runs Olafson Arts, a company that specialises in Weapon Throwing, HEMA and LARPing as well as artistic blacksmithing. In addition he has had published short stories.

Lord Lee C. Conley

Lee has been an instructor for the club since 2019.

Lee's primary discipline is longsword and he is actively expanding our style to incorporate more elements of the German masters. He presented a session on the subject at QuadroHEMiA 6. He has also taught sword and buckler within the school, as well as having some experience of sabre.

Like Nigel, Lee has competed in numerous tournaments and has also medalled at numerous events including BFHS Autumn Exchange and QuadroHEMiA. He is also a 3-time Wolfshead Longsword Champion winning the annual tournaments 2017-2019 (and the only multiple time winner).

Away from the club Lee is an accomplished guitarist and writer. He is the author of "The Dead Sagas" series of books.

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Sam Eade

Sam has been an instructor for the club since 2022.

Prior to discovering HEMA Sam studied Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu and Kobudo. He joined the University of Lincoln HEMA Society where he acted as a coach before eventually joining Wolfshead.

Sam's specialist discipline within the club is sidesword. He has also presented sessions at QuadroHEMiA events and the Empower 24 Hour Challenge 2023.

Sam has competed in tournaments and has won medals at multiple events. He is also a 1-time Wolfshead Longsword Champion having won the 2021 tournament.

In his spare time, Sam is an accomplished gamemaster at Dungeons and Dragons and also enjoys modelling (the nerdy kind, not catwalk kind).

Phil "Fox" Walters

Fox is the Founder of the School and served as its Head until 2020.

He introduced the primary style of Longsword to the school but he is also very well versed in tomahawk and knife. He has taught workshops at numerous events including FightCamp, BFHS Autumn Exchanges, The Art That Adorns You, HEMA Diversity Camp, Swordpunk and QuadroHEMiA.

Away from Wolfshead, Fox is known locally as The Demon Barber of Lincoln. He has even plied his wares at various events for the Leeds Steampunk Market, as well as presenting various demos of HEMA for their patrons. He was also the subject of a short film called "The Fox and the Devil" by the talented Chaz Simpson.

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Christopher Wood

Chris is the Club Administrator and has served in this role since 2017.

Chris joined the club in 2012 and was not long after awarded the first ever Peer Axe (an award for the most improved student). He achieved his current rank of Free Scholar in 2015 and was awarded the additional sub-rank of Quartermaster in 2022.

As part of his administrative duties Chris also organises the majority of Wolfshead's events. He has run the QuadroHEMiA event brand since 2017 and created the Wolf Call tournament brand which saw its first event in 2022.

Still competing today, Chris has participated in the most tournaments of any Wolfshead. He was the first member of the club to compete outside of England. and is also a 1-time Wolfshead Longsword Champion having won the 2016 tournament.

Team Wolfshead

Team Wolfshead is the collective name for our band of misfits when we attend events and most certainly when we compete in tournaments. Our instructors have taught at multiple events and our tournament participants have competed all over the United Kingdom.

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