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Since 2015 Wolfshead WMA have hosted QuadroHEMiA events with each one featuring different aspects of HEMA

The Fantastic 4 - QuadroHEMiA

This was the first QuadroHEMiA event. It was a collaboration between Wolfshead WMA in Lincoln, KDF Nottingham, The Exiles group in Sheffield and the York School of Defence and primarily centered around the 3 nations associated with longsword (English, German and Italian) with some smaller weapons also featured. It was a fantastic opportunity for several groups to get to know each other.


QuadroHEMiA 2

The second QuadroHEMiA event was a continuation of the collaboration between the 4 clubs but with instructors brought in from sister branches and a special guest from what is now the Saltaire Academy of the Sword. This event featured unarmed disciplines along with poleaxe and montante.

QuadroHEMiA 2.5: Sabre Shenanigans

This was an interesting little mini event with the focus being on British military sabre. There was also a session dealing with Indian clubs which was a refreshing way to start the day!

QuadroHEMiA 3: Exiles XXV


In 2017 The Exiles celebrated their 25th anniversary. They held several events over the course of the year and the first was QuadroHEMiA 3 which Wolfshead WMA hosted. The event's theme was simple: Fiore dei Liberi! Workshops included grappling, longsword, staff and a few concept sessions.

QuadroHEMiA 4: Once More unto the Breach!

This was the first QuadroHEMiA that was purely organised by Wolfshead WMA and the first to feature a tournament. The theme of the event was English and British HEMA so it featured disciplines such as longsword, sabre, wrestling and quarterstaff. A singlestick tournament concluded the proceedings.


QuadroHEMiA 4.5: Wolfshead vs. HEMA


This mini event was a combination of tournaments and open sparring. Weapons included were sabre and longsword.

QuadroHEMiA 5: Three Years On!

This event was held roughly 3 years after the initial QuadroHEMiA. There was no overarching theme to the event- just a good range of HEMA. Workshops included longsword, messer, unarmed and sidesword. A longsword tournament capped off the weekend.


QuadroHEMiA 6: Wolfshead X


This edition of QuadroHEMiA was held to celebrate 10 years of Wolfshead WMA. The event featured sessions including tomahawk, longsword, sword and buckler, and even a class on Japanese swords. Tournaments in sabre and longsword were also held.

QuadroHEMiA 6.5: Prelude to the Call

This was a small invitational tournament event which acted as a condensed version of the original Wolf Call event that was postponed. Tournaments constested were steel federschwert, steel sabre and nylon longsword.

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